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We are so pleased to have  trustworthy team members to help all our beautiful adopted families with lots of love and care.  As well as supporting other families with work! ​ 

We Look forward to meeting all your beautiful Pets and families.
Thank you for supporting our families.
Here is a little about us...


Sharleen  -  Owner
and Team Member

Sharleen is a local Mum in Mooloolah Valley. 
Previously growing up on a farm in NSW and always having a love and passion for animals has lead to this path when needing a new career from a customer service role of 11years. 
I'm so proud of what we have created with our business
Loveable Pet People. 
Sharleen works around her family -  husband Cameron, Daughter, Son 
and adopted dog Layla. 
With all going on in 2020, I'm taking more time to look after my human families needs so things may be a little slower with the business to allow for that.
As well as starting my Yoga teacher training in May 2021.
I've always loved to help others in anyway I can so I'm glad we are doing that in ways people just don't realise we can.  I feel like the animals are apart of our big adopted pet family and love the bond we get to have with them all.
I love teaching my children how to be kind and caring towards others, animals and respective of the world around them through this.
  I've extended my knowledge with a Dog behaviour and training course in 2017/2018. This has helped me understand not only dogs with a wide range of things such as first aid, history, why they do what they do, but also with other animals. 
  I love to help educate others with all we have learnt over the years working with animals there is always more to learn in our world. 


Hayley - Team Member

Hayley is currently studying the Bachelor of Paramedicine in Brisbane, and a major contributing factor to her choice in this field of expertise is because she has a passion for helping people in every way she is capable. Hayley also works in a variety of roles at Kmart, where she works with other people as a team and assists customers with their day-to-day shopping. Overall, she is motivated to ensuring every individual customer is satisfied with her work and that you have the best experience possible, and this is achieved through making your fur-babies feel happy and safe at all times and accommodating for your needs. I have grown up around animals my entire life and to have the ability to work alongside Sharleen for her business, Loveable Pet People, is such a privilege because it is the best environment to be in, especially when I am around animals and doing what I love as a job for work. As the saying goes, “Find a job you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I am so grateful to be able to work with your animals and create a bond with them like they are apart of the Loveable Pet People’s adopted-pet family.